Wilwood Super Alloy Scalloped Inboard Rotor


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Wilwood Super Alloy Scalloped 11.75″ x .810″ Rotor.

Wilwood Super Alloy series rotors are manufactured to improve overall performance for a wide range of competition applications. With their lowered rotating weight, you’ll experience quicker acceleration, deceleration, and improved handling; without shrinkage, warping, or degradation. Wilwood’s specially formulated ferrous alloy manufacturing process gives these rotors high resistance to thermal distortion with excellent friction and wear characteristics against the pads, low maintenance without the need for coatings, and it passes all sanctioning body magnetic tests. Their drilled, slotted, or scalloped design gives you excellent high-temperature stability, rapid heat dissipation, and consistent performance from the brake pads.

Recommended Brake Pads: BP40 and CM (Sintered Metallic) compounds.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 2 in